Report: Pandemic in the Internet Age

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Chapter 1: Executive Summary

Get a quick insight into the four challenges to prepare the future, and the associated checklist of regulatory measures to assess your country’s level of readiness.

13 May, 2021

Chapter 2: Context and ITU resources

This chapter presents the context for this second #REG4COVID report and lists other initiatives by ITU and its partners regarding COVID-19 response.

16 May, 2021

Chapter 3: 2020, the year in the pandemic

ITU has been leading research efforts into the telecommunication sector response to COVID-19. This chapter gives an overview of key initiatives, reports and data.

19 May, 2021

Chapter 4: Emerging into the new normal

This chapter deep dives into the four digital responses to prepare the future, with concrete examples showing the critical role of ICTs in helping society adapt.

19 May, 2021

Chapter 5: #REG4COVID data dashboard

This chapter presents the results of our survey in an interactive data dashboard. Browse to learn the experiences of more than 50 countries preparing the future.

14 May, 2021

Chapter 6: Case studies

This chapter explores case studies covering a range of country experiences, topics and lessons learned, with a focus on addressing the digital divide post-pandemic.

14 May, 2021